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MINDOW is a professional research and development, production, sell high quality door window product as one of the modern production enterprise, the company created DuoNian, has always been adhering to the rigorous, since the concept of innovation, and the introduction of modern European doors and Windows of the essence, technology integration of the people aesthetic idea, the innovation, the development of new type continuous low carbon energy saving doors and Windows system! Strictly implement the ISO9001 quality system and strict execution ROHS directive. High-grade door window product, from a high quality material and accessories, the more will have elaborate design and fine processing, to ensure that the Windows and doors remarkable quality! "The choice MINDOW, enjoy modern life".

Haute couture

Advocates the concept of haute couture, tailor-made for the owners, we are fascinated by the delicate craft creation spirit, for full details and pay attention to the design of the material, never feel tired, the pursuit of innovation.
Alert and attention to detail is a good project management attribute, and the work of each stage. We strictly control the scale of the studio of, to ensure that our designers can personally regulation and communication with the project director in a timely manner. From the beginning, concept design, detailed design construction drawing construction - complete check-in. Regardless of project size, its functional and enlightenment will not be weakened, to achieve maximum versatility and creativity of all indoor design.

Design concept

Design for Shangceng, not only focusing on the quality of life, is to create a culture of extreme life is leading the tide of fashion innovation. Constant environmental design of faith is low-key costly, both fashion and cultural tastes. With the method of crossover, from fashion, art, architecture, culture, such as absorbing nutrients, let design not only stay in playing with modelling, colour, more are endowed with the temperature of the era and cultural conservation.
Any designer can rebuild a dazzling space, but Shangceng to create space, has a construction space the opportunity of the soul. Because -- what we are after is the design of the permanent, precipitation is after a long time still have resistance to product texture and state.








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